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What is Expo Erotica?

Expo Erotica Expo Erotica is a Visitor Show with many different types of Traders exhibiting their Products and Services. Expo Erotica is not a porn show and you need to be over 18 years old to attend. If you are lucky enough to look younger than your age, photographic ID will be required to gain entrance to the show.

What is the story behind Expo Erotica?

Expo Erotica is founded on the passionate belief believe that the UK should have it’s own home grown visitor Expo for adult erotica. There are many great shows that take place all over Europe so why not in the UK?


Is Expo Erotica a Trade Show?

No, there will be many types of traders at the show, but Expo Erotica is primarily a show for visitor enjoyment.

Who can attend the Show?

Anyone of 18+ years.

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